How It Works

The treatment is non-invasive, relaxing and totally pain free. Here’s how it works: the Lipo-Light system uses 16 laser pads, which produce 635 nanometers of light that safely penetrate the skin and target fat cells. The fat cells absorb the electromagnetic energy and literally shrink, as the water and toxins are secreted into into the lymphatic system. The acids are filtered through the body’s natural cleansing system and removed naturally. The Lipo-Light treatment opens fat cells layer by layer, peeling away inches just like peeling away the skin of an onion! Coupled with the Vibration Plate technology, which stimulates muscle movement and excels fat loss, you will see results in just a few treatments.

With Lipo-Light Body Sculpting fat cells become smaller, helping you to lose fat, lose inches and often help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Diet, exercise and life style changes are key factors to maximize your treatments with the Lipo-Light system. When you combine your 20-minute Lipo-Light treatment with drinking water, exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet you will see inches lost and gain confidence in yourself with your new slimmer look.